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2nd year Computer Science, UCL

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Hi, my name is Passawis. I am a second year Computer Science student at University College London and have a strong passion for anything technology related.

I'm always eager to learn about new concepts in Finance and Computer Science. Passionate about improving my own skills through various freelance, internships and contract works. The experiences I have gained from these works have molded me into a better computer scientist.

Beyond technology and computing I like to travel. This is my first year in London after doing a full-year of online lectures from Thailand so I am eager to go out and explore London.



Connected Learning Internship

- Implement the frontend and backend for Diamant game for incoming first year students at UCL


Freelance Developer

2 React-Native applications and 3 websites (Django / Flask with React Frontend) Worked solo and in small teams (2-3 people)


Dathena Science

- Develop and maintain react components

- Utilise SCRUM framework to deliver requirements

- Write tests using JSDoc and Storybook

- Write requirements documentation on JIRA

- Implement SonarQube rules


Sunset in the mountains

Tetris AI Player

Created an autoplayer for the tetris game implemented in Python. Utilised various heuristics to achieve the highest score and survive as long as possible.

Maximised score received by creating conditions to allow the tetris board to accumulate to certain height to increase chance of block combo combinations.


Sunset in the mountains

London Railway TSP

Implemented Python class for the London Railway lines providing functions such as finding the shortest distance between any two stops, minimum station stops as well as creating new stations whilst minimising the total distance of the new line (travelling salesman)


Jupyter Notebook

Travelling Salesman


Sunset in the mountains

HTML Parser

Developed HTML parser in both C and Haskell without external libraries. The parser is able to validate tags and attributes as well as the structure of the content

Written report on the comparison of both procedural and functional implementations




Sunset in the mountains

Cashier Application

Created an inventory application in C. Utilised search algorithms to provide user with fast query for items and built calculation methods to get summary.



Sunset in the mountains

Patients Application

Patients GUI application implemented in Java with Java Swing



Hospital Management

Sunset in the mountains

Bytecode Optimisation

Wrote optimiser to optimiser java bytecode using optimisation techniques such as peephole


Java bytecode

Compilers Optimisation